from by Cough It Up



Collection Tech's my friend
God bless them for checkin in
Payments ain't make a dent
On interest I collect
Can't buy a bite when
I'm always payin them!

Act like such an idiot
Wish I could simply quit
Shoplift cuz I'm desperate
Fight for the fun of it
Abandonment, poverty
The seeds of nihilism...

My uncle was puffin
I'm contact buzzin
Windows up
We go 50 through a school zone cuz
He don't give a fuck
"Help, I'm gettin jumped!"

Glutton for punishment
And I wanna give back some
Violence, baby
I'm feelin the love
I'm feelin the love!

When ma clocks in
Them gremlins play
Tag with a pipe
They’re stitchin up your face
If I see em again
I’ll surely wreck em
Kickin in your head gives me a fuckin erection.


from The Symptoms, released June 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Cough It Up Cincinnati, Ohio


Johnny Eudaly (v)
Tyler Bollinger (g)
Jeff Miller (g)
Eric Sunderman (b)
Ian Bulling (d)

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