The Symptoms

by Cough It Up

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released June 7, 2016

Engineered and mixed by John Hoffman and Jerri Queen at Ultrasuede Lounge, Cincinnati OH, 01 May 2016. Mastered by Mike Montgomery at Candyland Recording Studio.



all rights reserved


Cough It Up Cincinnati, Ohio


Johnny Eudaly (v)
Tyler Bollinger (g)
Jeff Miller (g)
Eric Sunderman (b)
Ian Bulling (d)

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Track Name: I Get Declined
Sit back and fuckin vibe
Feel the breeze, all I need's a slice and
A cool buzz, I’ll be just fine
But every time I swipe my debit card I get declined

I get declined.

I got no car, no bed
Low credit, no bread
No checkbook, no sweat
Eviction notice?! Man, fuck it.

I got no doctor, no friends
Who stomped my head?
No insurance, no sweat
I’m 30 grand in debt!

Next year
I'm 40 grand in debt...

I’m 50 grand in debt!
Got Pacquiao'd on the cement
Doc bought a yacht and what'd I get?
Monthly payments til I'm dead.
Track Name: Billy Linville
That him?
He don't know
But he watch them
Come, go
Can't tell, she got a large clientele but one day
I bet he'll have a kid of his own, right?

"...Yea I might ditch work to watch Maury Povich but uhh,...
...You'll never catch me takin a paternity test!..."

Before he even know it, out of dough
$50 for a motel, $80 for some blow
Pray for the kid to which them genes got bestowed
Pit stop at the trick spot, hit the road

"...Look man, I know I shoulda pulled out...
...All that matters now is I get the fuck out of town..."

Chill man, fuck it
Quit buggin
No one really gives a fuck where ya come from
Sob stories
Amount to nothin
Been beat up and robbed too
Worse than you
So what...

No way
No point gettin Medicaid
I can't make it past today.
Track Name: The Kid
If you wanna kick it, let's kick it
Wanna get down? I'm with it
If you wanna kick it, let's kick it
Hold up, wait a minute, just listen...

When it falls out his pocket
Don't stop him, cop it
Cash and a latex condom
Stash cards, trash the wallet
Fill up a cart, hit the checkout
Charge it!

Bust glass for the cell on the dash
Went to campus empty handed
Left with a backpack
Put that iPad on Craigslist,
Check the cab for Xanax tabs

Your Visa got me rare luxuries
Toothpaste, Listerine
Used ride the 51
Now I ride the 17

Back then
They'd throw fists
Break dishes
"Pack your shit!"
"That's it, I quit."
"I'm sick of you, let's split!"

Just a stupid kid that simply can't be trusted
Just a reckless dude you'd never wanna fuck with
So go
Nevermind, "Hey wait!"
Get outta here, please leave.
Track Name: Pest Control
Street rat
Walked right into a trap

Debt collector - the source of my stress
Shit! They don't give it a rest
Left another voicemail I'm not gonna check
Trick us to feed just where the trip is set, yea!

It strikes fast
Down on your back, everything went black

Too many times, a victim of violence
Now I find ways to fetishize it
See the crime, you despise it
But it stems from conditions
We're fuckin provided with

We're sick…
These are the symptoms!

Born into debt, now I'll die in the dirt
These interest rates keep gettin worse
Think it's a choice? It feels like a curse!

Sometimes ya just wanna hide
Crawl behind the walls but they'll find you.
Track Name: Job Offer
He said, “Fuck it!
I just wanna quit,
Got people to pay
And I gotta do it quick.
So you wanna gram man,
How about a job?
I’ll toss in an extra ball
If you can flip it.”

“Need a lift
But I gotta make a pit stop."
...(Pass the reefer
As we fly past the cops)...
“Pray to God I don’t get caught
But it sure beats workin a shitty job
Or waitin for an unemployment check!"

Every now and then
I get desperate
Dip my toe in some risky business.
Track Name: Submit A Tip
I'm so slick
Just check the vid
Ya caught me on cam
But the angle was bad

"Recognize this face?
Submit a tip."
Crime Stopper's gives me love
And it's makin me blush

Can't save a dime so I play the powerball
Pick the winnin numbers all my problems'll be solved...

ATM withdrawal, I'm bouncin off the walls
If you dig the joint come dance along
All you bigots, bullies get lost
The core is for the poor, fuck ups and all

Us all.
Track Name: Cough It Up
How the heck am I already broke?
Heat's disconnected, it's 20 below
When the rent's late
And those payday loans come back around, bro
You better cough it up

Time's up
You're fucked
Cough it up.
Track Name: Reddi-Wip Phonies
I hate rock n roll and everybody in it
Including myself, we're full of shit
Heartbreak's a fake struggle you like to self-indulge
So go on, write a love song that's boring and dull

I hate rock n roll
Don't take it so personal
Ya gotta lotta style
But that's all

Love the leather jacket, it's a perfect fit
Middle class brat, think your gifted?
Ha! You grew up really privileged
Encouraged, coddled and soft like Reddi-wip

I hate rock n roll and everybody in it
Including myself, tell me what's your gimmick?
Generic ass riffs and you ain't about shit
Lookin extra corny posin for a family pic
Rockin a Christmas sweater

Go write grandma a letter.
Track Name: Guess Who (Shame On You)
When you stepped through, see I was waitin
It was like that game we used to play
What was it?
Guess Who!
It's the kid with a bottle of gin, dick
So whip it, yea now ya fuckin get it
You shouldn’t bother me
Maybe you was thinkin you could be a father to me?
Well go ahead, cut up that chunky stuff, start sniffin...

Toss rocks at the spot again
I got no patience for her crazy ex
This time I’m comin out to bust his head
Brick in hand and it’s for you, my friend

He ain't comin back
Cheap shot this motherfuck
Tuck him in for a nap cuz
Without a doubt I never been took out
Limp dick
You better look out
Cuz if the kid’s around and the clown comes knockin
Knocked the fuck out!
5 foot 8
Made you underestimate the kid
But he take a wide variety of medicines…
You didn’t think he’d go ballistic.
Track Name: I Need It Now
Ain't slept for 6 days straight
Walkin through traffic, get the hell out the way
Honestly, I hope I get hit
I'll call up JG, get cash for the settlement

There's no god
So us dogs
We mob

You fuckin oughta get robbed
Your parents bought your Macintosh
Got it good but you complain a lot
Shoppin trips to Ikea in your mom's Nissan

Walk in
With my hood up
Stuff my pockets to the brim
Can't get enough

Check the tag
The jacket's genuine
"I bet he stole it!"
Prefer to say it's repossessed

Walk out
Never sweat about
The consequence of the deed
Take what I need.