Billy Linville

from by Cough It Up



That him?
He don't know
But he watch them
Come, go
Can't tell, she got a large clientele but one day
I bet he'll have a kid of his own, right?

"...Yea I might ditch work to watch Maury Povich but uhh,...
...You'll never catch me takin a paternity test!..."

Before he even know it, out of dough
$50 for a motel, $80 for some blow
Pray for the kid to which them genes got bestowed
Pit stop at the trick spot, hit the road

"...Look man, I know I shoulda pulled out...
...All that matters now is I get the fuck out of town..."

Chill man, fuck it
Quit buggin
No one really gives a fuck where ya come from
Sob stories
Amount to nothin
Been beat up and robbed too
Worse than you
So what...

No way
No point gettin Medicaid
I can't make it past today.


from The Symptoms, released June 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Cough It Up Cincinnati, Ohio


Johnny Eudaly (v)
Tyler Bollinger (g)
Jeff Miller (g)
Eric Sunderman (b)
Ian Bulling (d)

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